Junior positions at ANU

The math department at the ANU (Australian National University) is advertising five junior jobs, two of them permanent and three postdocs. More information can be found at


(Via Amnon Neeman)

Postdoctoral position (Level A) in mathematics at Australian National University

The Mathematical Sciences Institute at the Australian National
University is currently advertising a 2 year postdoctoral position, funded by a new ARC grant awarded to Andrew Hassell, in spectral theory/microlocal
analysis/harmonic analysis/PDE.

The closing date for applications is Feb 5.

This position is most suitable for someone with a recent PhD (e.g.
within the past 3 years) or who is expecting to get their PhD by mid-2010, although anyone is eligible to apply.

It is a research only position, of duration approx. 2 years, with no formal teaching duties. It is expected that the successful candidate will work at least partly on research proposed in the grant, including quantum ergodicity and quantum chaos, and global analytic properties of Laplace-type operators on noncompact Riemannian manifolds, particularly manifolds with structure at infinity such as asymptotically conic, asymptotically hyperbolic, etc.

See http://wwwmaths.anu.edu.au/jobs/A522-09TG/ for further information
and instructions for how to apply. For enquiries, contact
Andrew.Hassell “at” anu.edu.au

Positions at Australian National University

[Via Jim Borger.]

Permanent positions
These positions are at levels B and C, which are the Australian equivalent of an assistant or associate professorship. It is important to add that, as is usual in the Australian system, the positions at both levels are permanent — there is no serious tenure-review process. All strong candidates currently in post-docs or tenure-track positions are encouraged to apply.

Some preference may be given to the areas of algebra and algebraic geometry, broadly interpreted. We are also looking for someone in stochastic analysis, statistics and applications. But we welcome strong applications in all areas. For applicants in Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Physics, and Statistics, joint appointments with other departments will be considered.

The teaching duties are approximately “2 and 1”, for a total of 3 semester-length classes per year. There is also the possibility of having that reduced.

The closing date for these positions is 30 November 2009.

Post-doc positions
There will be 3 post-docs.  They are purely or primarily research positions.

1. Complex and/or differential geometry and/or Lie groups
This is a five-year fixed-term position.
There will be some teaching duties.
The closing date for this position is 30 November 2009.
Contact Michael Eastwood for more information.

The following two post-docs are awaiting administrative go-ahead and will soon be open for application.

2. Algebraic geometry and/or algebraic topology
This will be a three-year position, with a possibility of renewal.
Any teaching duties will be minimal.
Contact Amnon Neeman for more information.

3. Number theory and/or algebraic geometry
This will be a two-year position, with a possibility of renewal.
Any teaching duties will be minimal.
Contact James Borger for more information.

How to apply

The easiest way is to apply directly to the Mathematics Department. To do this, email the following to admin.msi@anu.edu.au:
1. an application letter (‘cover letter’) saying which position
you’re applying for and giving the names and email addresses of
three references
2. a CV

For more information, go to the following page: