Junior positions at ANU

The math department at the ANU (Australian National University) is advertising five junior jobs, two of them permanent and three postdocs. More information can be found at


(Via Amnon Neeman)

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  1. I’ll be coming to ANU next year with one of these positions; I’m really excited to be coming back to Australia and to Australian mathematics.

    And I’ll look forward to meeting all the austmaths partipicants!

  2. Welcome to austmaths Scott! Also, congratulations on your ANU appointment.

    The austmaths site is underutilised and has a lot of potential in my opinion, potential as a tool for discussion and communication generally among Australian mathematicians outside of the AustMS conferences, etc. Terry Tao has done a great job with the site so far, but it needs greater participation from Australian mathematicians to reach its potential. It is a folklore theorem that Terry is very, very busy, so perhaps in the long term it would be better for all if others could relieve Terry of his moderator duties, preferably people based in Australia who are at the coal-face of Australian mathematics. I suspect there are probably many people who lurk around here regularly though; I post comments only occasionally, but in fact I come by several times a week to see if anything new is up.

    I have now digressed somewhat from my original message: welcome to austmaths!

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