Postdoctoral position (Level A) in mathematics at Australian National University

The Mathematical Sciences Institute at the Australian National
University is currently advertising a 2 year postdoctoral position, funded by a new ARC grant awarded to Andrew Hassell, in spectral theory/microlocal
analysis/harmonic analysis/PDE.

The closing date for applications is Feb 5.

This position is most suitable for someone with a recent PhD (e.g.
within the past 3 years) or who is expecting to get their PhD by mid-2010, although anyone is eligible to apply.

It is a research only position, of duration approx. 2 years, with no formal teaching duties. It is expected that the successful candidate will work at least partly on research proposed in the grant, including quantum ergodicity and quantum chaos, and global analytic properties of Laplace-type operators on noncompact Riemannian manifolds, particularly manifolds with structure at infinity such as asymptotically conic, asymptotically hyperbolic, etc.

See for further information
and instructions for how to apply. For enquiries, contact
Andrew.Hassell “at”