Access to mathematics is vital for equity

In an opinion piece “Access to mathematics is vital for equity” for Australasian Science, Jan Thomas writes on how shortages of mathematics teachers has led to lack of access for many students, particularly (but not exclusively) in rural and low-income areas, to a quality mathematics education.

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Aussie mathematician blogs

On the blogroll on the left of this blog, we’ve recently added a category for blogs by mathematicians either in Australia, or otherwise affiliated with Australia: Alasdair McAndrew, the AustMS blog, Daniel Murfet, Danny Calegari, SymOmega, and myself.  If any of the readers here know of other blogs by Aussie-affiliated mathematicians (or any other relevant links for the other categories on the blogroll), please let me know so that I can add to the list further!

ARC releases consultation paper on its peer review process

The Australian Research Council has released a consultation paper on its peer review process; the consultation period runs until October 19.  One of the proposals is to increase the weight of specialist reviewers, rather than focusing on other metrics such as track record.  This seems like a promising idea (and is supported by the AAS and FASTS, as reported in the Australian), though the proposals for encouraging qualified reviewers to become available seem a bit sketchier.

[Update. Sep 18: See also the recent PLoS Biology article “Real Lives and White Lies in Scientific Research“, by Peter Lawrence.  Further discussion on this article can be found here.  Via the Funneled Web.]

Professor of Pure Mathematics position at University of Adelaide

We would be grateful for your assistance in  distributing this advertisement for a
Professor of Pure Mathematics at the University of Adelaide to anyone that you
think is appropriate. That may, of course, include you.

Closing date is the 18th of December. There is an associated junior tenured position
which will be advertised once the professor has been appointed.

Interested people can find out about the School of Mathematical Sciences here:

and information more relevant to Pure Mathematics here:

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Professor Geoffrey Prince is appointed as AMSI Director

Geoff Prince, Professor at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at La Trobe University, has taken on the position of director of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, taking over from Phil Broadbridge.

2010 ICM speakers

The list of plenary and sectional speakers for the International Congress of Mathematicians on 19-27 August, 2010 in Hyderabad, India is now available.  Among the 171 sectional speakers are two Australian-based mathematicians, Norman Dancer (for the PDE section, at U. Sydney) and Brendan McKay (for the Combinatorics section, at ANU), as well as Australian-born Mark Kisin (for Number Theory, now at U. Chicago) and former UWA student Akshay Venkatesh (also for Number Theory, now at Stanford).

Further statistics on the speakers can be found at the AustMS blog.  (Amusingly, the male/female split among the 171 sectional speakers is 147.5/23.5, due to some speaking slots being joint between two mathematicians.)

[Thanks to Cheryl Praeger for the info.]

Clay-Mahler lecture series

The Australian Mathematical Science Institute has set up a page regarding the ClayMahler lectures, including photos, videos, and media coverage.

I have put some of the slides of my own talks online on my blog:

  1. Here are the slides for the public lecture “Mathematical research and the internet”.
  2. Here are the slides for the four Access Grid Room talks, “Compressed sensing”, “Discrete random matrices”, “Recent progress in additive prime number theory”, and “Recent progress on the Kakeya problem”.
  3. Here are the slides for the public lecture “The cosmic distance ladder”.
  4. Here are the slides for the public lecture “Structure and randomness in the prime numbers” and the colloquium “Perelman’s proof of the Poincaré conjecture”.