Vacancy: Editors for the AustMS Gazette

The present Editors of the Gazette, Birgit Loch and
Rachel Thomas, are, sadly, stepping down from their
position on 31 December 2009.  So the Society is
looking for new Editors for the Gazette. An overlap
in the position of a few months, from about October
2009, is envisaged, to enable a smooth transition
to the new editors.

Anyone interested in the position of Editor is
invited to send (via e-mail) a brief resume and
covering letter to both the President and the
Secretary, at and .

The current Production Editor, Eileen Dallwitz, is
expected to continue, so there is no need for the
incoming Editors to know any TeX although such
knowledge would still be an advantage.  There will
be some financial assistance provided towards
teaching relief and/or AustMS conference
registration and expenses.

For further information about what the position
entails, please contact the present Editors at .

[Via Elizabeth Billington.]

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