Renaissance of the sciences as student demand increases for courses

The Australian reports today that there has been a significant surge (by 10-20 percent) in student applications for maths, science, and engineering courses in Australia this year, which is being attributed both to the significant reduction in HECS fees for these subjects and to increased social awareness among students as to the importance of these areas.  Hopefully the universities will retain their capability to teach these subjects well to an increased number of students…

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  1. I suggest that there may be another reason, implied by the comment attributed to Professor Norris that course acceptances ‘always rise when finances are tight’. In other words, school leavers can see for themselves that in the current economic climate, their job prospects don’t look too good. Better to spend several years at university instead, preferably on a course that doesn’t cost too much …

    I suggest that the real teaching problem could lie in the fact that a portion of the additional contingent regard themselves as conscripts rather than volunteers.

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