USQ now hiring in mathematics and statistics

Several months ago, we reported here on the crisis at USQ regarding severe cuts in the department of mathematics and computing as part of its larger restructuring program; as a consequence, the department has shed eight net jobs (most of which by voluntary redundancies).  This was less than the number of cuts initially planned before the campaign to support the department, but still clearly a severe blow to what had been a department of about 25 staff.

However, there is now some positive news; the USQ administration has apparently realised that they no longer have enough staff to cover their needed mathematics, statistics, and computing teaching, and are now hiring the following positions:

I am told that the department is also still looking to fill a statistics consultancy position, which was introduced as part of the restructuring process.

While on the topic of academic staff positions, it seems that the forced redundancies proposed by Victoria University (that we recently reported on here) are to be converted to voluntary redundancies, and possibly reduced in number, following pressure from the NTEU, and the discovery that the apparent budget savings arising from such a program was less than expected.

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  1. USQ sent a letter to Mathematics students today with the news that the 8/24 unit Statistics major has been cancelled and the 16/24 unit Mathematics and Statistics major is now 12/24 units.
    Plus – at least two of the remaining units are being taught out next year because they do not have the staff and “may” be offered again at a later date.

  2. Cut. Oops! Didn’t think far ahead enough about the effects … rehire. Announce cuts, program closures, … Oops! Didn’t think enough. Change of plan … Stare poorly though-out degree. Drop it. Etc.

    Accumulate enough such “initatives” and move to become a senior administrator. If the “initiatives” are “bold” enough, move to another uni before the sh*t hits the fan. Onwards and upwards!

  3. It appears that the Level C position at USQ has been filled by an internal USQ applicant, Ms Linda Galligan

  4. I received an update on the positions at USQ:

    Linda Galligan joined the department as Senior Lecturer and Academic Liaison Officer – this is a new position created last year, together with the Science Academic Liaison position (filled by Dr Kerri Withers). The Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor position will be taken by an Associate Professor who will join the department later this year.

  5. […] of Southern Queensland last year are rather striking in this regard.  It is worth noting that the USQ administration eventually had to advertise several mathematics and statistics positions to cover their teaching, due to the number of staff […]

  6. […] by the University of Southern Queensland resulted in a significant reduction in the staff cuts, and USQ afterwards hired several maths and stats faculty (including one who had they made redundant!) after they realised that the cuts that they did enact […]

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