Australian Olympiad Teams 2008

The Australian teams for the 2008 International Olympiads in Informatics (IOI) and in Mathematics (IMO), which will be held in August in Cairo, Egypt and in July in Madrid, Spain respectively, were formally announced on Thursday at Parliament House in Canberra.

Some statistics for Australia’s IMO performance over the years – it started competing in 1981 – can be found here. I myself competed in 1986-1988, and my two brothers competed in 1994 and 1995; it was a lot of fun for all of us. (A full register of former Australian IMO participants can be found here.) Of course, mathematical competitions are a rather different game from the more “serious” business of research mathematics (and are neither necessary nor sufficient to do well in the latter), but they still offer valuable mathematical training, cultural and travel experience, and of course a good bit of sport. Best of luck to the Aussie teams!

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