Lost opportunities sadden maths whiz

Last Thursday, there was a two-page spread in the Toowoomba Chronicle concerning various aspects of the USQ restructuring proposal. One page was devoted to the impact of the proposal on students in the Bachelor of Music (which is being discontinued, being replaced by a less specific “Bachelor of Creative Arts”), in an article by Merryl Miller entitled “Low note: music students no longer singing uni’s praises“. The other page contains an article by Lacey Burley, entitled “Lost opportunities sadden maths whiz“, is centred around Adam Walsh, the ten-year old in southern Queensland who was taking maths classes at USQ and working towards a Bachelor of Science degree there, although with the impending staff cuts (and the concomitant increase in staff workload) it is unlikely that the remaining faculty be able to accommodate Adam’s needs.

The Chronicle also reported on Adam last month. As reported in that article, Adam wrote to me back in March concerning the cuts; his letter was not the only one I received alerting me to the crisis, but it was one that resonated particularly with me, given that his education experience is very similar to my own (though in my case, the cutbacks to my mathematics department at Flinders did not occur until after I had completed my degree).

(Thanks to Lacey Burley for the page proofs, and for permission to post the articles, and to Adam Walsh and his father for permission to publicise their story.)

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