Gazette Issue 2 (May 2008) now online

Issue 2 of the Gazette is now online.

In Maths Matters, previous Gazette editor, Jan de Gier, shares his thoughts on the challenges that young academics face to establish a career.

In the Communications section, you will find a paper on the MVT by John Koliha and his student Peng Zhang — a follow-up on their previous paper ‘Rolle to Cauchy’. Ricardo Simeoni writes about noble gas magic numbers and Kevin Burrage describes the doctoral programs at Oxford University.

The winner of the $50 book voucher for Puzzle Corner 5 is Konrad Pilch from the University of Adelaide — congratulations! And in this issue we have not only Norman Do’s next Puzzle Corner, but also his B.H. Neumann Prize winning paper on moduli spaces, and technical papers by Mike Hirschhorn, Gerry Myerson, and Joe Gani and Randall Swift.

A list of books available for review has just been published on the Gazette website. For automatic notification of news posts on the Gazette page you may wish to subscribe to the RSS feed.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Thanks Birgit!

    Another noteworthy feature of this issue of the Gazette is the letter to the editor from the Mathematics and Statistics department at UNE:

    Click to access LetterToTheEditors.pdf

    Like many other maths departments in Australia, UNE has suffered due to the funding structure in which departments are funded proportionally to enrollments, thus giving other departments a perverse incentive to remove maths course requirements in favour of in-house courses, which cuts into maths enrolments and hence funding…

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